Service and crane

Marina Hramina service, offers quality and reliable services of service and maintenance of your boat

Marina Hramina will provide quality, reliable service and maintenance for your vessel.
All the works is performed in specialised areas, all environmental protection measures are applied, all in compliance with the wastwater, oil, lubricants and fuel disposal regulation.

Within the marina, there is:

  • workshop for repairing wood and plastic, painting and polishing
  • Battery maintenance station for the winter period
  • workshop for engine repairs.

Authorized services: Yanmar, Mercruiser, Volvo penta, Mercury, Yamaha, Cumminis, MTU, Garmin,

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  • Sandblasting and painting of underwater parts of the vessel.
  • Sandblasting and painting axles, shafting, propellers and flaps.
  • Washing and polishing of the hull/ship sides and superstructure.
  • Teak washing, stainless steel cleaning, zinc protector replacement.
  • Deconservation of the motors, generators, watermaker.
  • Cleaning of the interior.
  • Washing ship sides/hull and superstructure with high pressure water pump.
  • Conservation of the motors, generators, watermakers, covering the vessel with thermal foil.
  • Washing and cleaning, polishing, engine starting, battery charging, ventilation, and humidifier control.
  • Manufacture and repair of awnings, covers of Bimini & Spray hood.
  • Manufacture and repair of upholstered and other furniture.
  • Antiosmosis treatments for boats, plastics works, electrical works, stainless steel work, sandblasting and underwater propulsion of the vessel.
  • The use of forklifts.
  • Transport vessels to / from the crane.

Marina Hramina has a crane with 15 ton load capacity and 70 ton load capacity travel lift for rising and lowering boats. The large pool of the travel lift enables raising and lower boats till 25 metres. The marina has transport pullies with 30 ton load capacity. High – pressure washers are available for washing hulls.

Within the marina, there is: workshop for wood and plastic reparing, painting and polishing, battery maintenance station for the winter period, workshop for engine repairs.