The hot and sunny month of July on the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic Sea. The average temperature stays steady at 30° Celsius with long and bright days.

However do expect it to go well over that, especially in the third and fourth week of the month, even in the shade. This is a Mediterranean summer, after all, you’re bound to bake a little in the sun. Make sure you pack plenty of SPF protection lotion of at least 30 😊

Chances of sunny days stay determined at 74%, with up to 13 hours of sunshine per day. Towards the end of July, just as August creeps up on us, temperatures begin to go a little higher, but the sea breeze keeps the heat under control, rich in oxygen and salt.

Enjoy your summer vacation , sun, sea and boat to the maximum, explore the area, tell your friends and familly and make sure to repeat it again, and again…