Croatia’s first month of the year is also its coldest. But with the chilly weather comes lower costs than other times of the year for exploring Croatian coast.

January is indeed the coldest month in Croatia . Along the coast, the weather is a few degrees warmer than the interior of Croatia,  And here’s also the strong, northeasterly winds of the bura to deal with. It’s, therefore, a smart idea to pack a waterproof jacket and have warm layers on hand. Croatia in January offers a little something for all tastes. If you’re escaping the cold, head to the Adriatic coast. Go and visit our coastal cities with noteworthy historic centeres to explore: Split, Šibenik, Zadar. And of course visit our beautiful Murter. The island of Murter is in the centre of the Adriatic coast, between Zadar and Šibenik and is the largest inhabited island in the beautiful Šibenik archipelago.